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Counseling Teens Experiencing Sexual Coercion

Video and Discussion Guide

Video content:The video demonstrates client-centered approaches for counseling teens experiencing sexual coercion. The video features two scenarios representative of the types of situations faced by Title X clients.

Video guide content: The accompanying guide provides discussion questions and resources to enable peer learning. The guide includes the complete script for each scenario, which is annotated to draw attention to counseling techniques, and questions or statements that may be helpful in responding to the strong emotions that may arise, and providing support and assistance to the client. The discussion questions following each script can be used when viewing the video in a group setting, or can be followed by individuals viewing the video on their own.

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Target audience: Family planning providers and counselors

Viewing: Click the 'Play' button to begin each video segment below or watch the entire video.

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Introduction: Counseling Teens Experiencing Sexual Coercion

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Scenario I: Resisting Sexual Coercion

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Scenario II: Handling Revelations of Sexual Abuse

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Closing Credits


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