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Web Design

Key Rules of Website Design
  1. Know your audience – what are they looking for?  For family planning clinics, most likely information on hours, locations, services (and cost). 

  2. Insight is good, clever is bad. Many websites say, “look at me.” Your goal ought to be: “here’s what you were looking for.”

  3. Less is more. (Less text, fewer graphics)

  4. Simplicity is key. (Complicated design drives people crazy.)

  5. Test, test, test.  (Usability tests for your end-users, and different browsers) You can do effective usability testing with only 5-7 people!  Ask your clients’ opinion!

  6. Update frequently.  Have your hours changed?  Change your website!
Web Design Resources

Best Practice for Web Design
Includes resources for design and technical info.

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