About Us

John Snow, Inc., and its nonprofit affiliate JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc., are public health research and consulting firms dedicated to improving the health of individuals and communities throughout the world.

JSI builds local capacity to address critical health problems, collaborating with local partners to assist countries, governments, communities, families, and individuals to develop their skills and identify solutions that meet their public health needs. Through management assistance, research and evaluation, education, and training, JSI works to enable agencies and health professionals to provide appropriate services in an effective and compassionate manner.

For more than 25 years, Boston-based JSI and its other affiliates, including World Education, Inc., JohnSnowBrasil and Instituto Promundo, have provided high-quality technical and managerial assistance to public health programs worldwide. JSI has implemented projects in 102 countries, and currently operates from seven U.S. and 44 international offices, with more than 500 U.S.-based staff, and 1,100 host country national field-based staff.

JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc.
44 Farnsworth Street
Boston, MA 02210
Tel: (+1-617) 482-9485
Fax: (+1-617) 482-0617


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